.NET Rocks mobile app in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store

Diatom Enterprises created the mobile app (iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms) for .NET Rocks.

.NET Rocks is a podcast streaming application targeted at the professional software developers, IT professionals or anyone interested in technology and programming. A source of latest news, discussions, insiders’ secrets and tricks for professional self-development is all in one place and always by a hand on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The main technology that was used to develop the .NET Rocks cross-platform application is the Xamarin (www.xamarin.com). “A significant portion of app functionality and development time consists of business logic, data access and network communications. With Xamarin, you can share all of this code between platforms, while still delivering the device-specific, native user experience. Xamarin lets you share the same C# code across iOS Android and Mac, as well as Windows platforms which also include C# support.”

Android Application


iOS Application


Windows Phone application


Windows 8 application


Programming language: C# .NET.
Net technologies: .NET, Xamarin
Database: SQLite