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Our company is an outsource software development expert in Agile Software Development technology. Diatom Enterprises’ Agile Software Development developers effectively used ASD in building tens of projects.


We also do Agile training for software companies and for end-user companies. We have agile practice on every our project, even if the client requests the waterfall methodology of project management.

Diatom Enterprises provides offshore Agile Software Development services for a wide range of industries and companies around the world. If you are looking for experienced and trusted ASD developers for hire you can stop looking.

Agile Software Development or ASD provides a practical interface in software development. The focus remains on keeping the program development codes simple which is periodically tested for loopholes and the finished product is delivered as soon as the application is ready to use.

Agile Software Development also focuses on completing a large project in bits and waiting for approval from clients before carrying on with the next step in the development process. Agile software development promotes functionality with teamwork and collaboration among members throughout the project life cycle. Agile Software Development, therefore, promotes a culture where customer satisfaction is guaranteed with all change requirements as the customer wants. Such software gives constant attention to a technicality, achieving excellence with breaking down a project in smaller projects.

Iteration is a term most significantly used with Agile Software Development which basically describes the breaking of tasks in small increments which gradually builds up to the final product. A team of motivated people work together on each stage of the life cycle, using planning techniques, design coding, testing of the unit and a quality check. Such stages within the already broken down project help in mitigating risk of inefficient software and changes are easy to build into the stages of the Agile Software Development. Though the process may seem slow, and the iteration may cause the software to be released late, the idea is that the release of the software should have as minimal bugs as possible so that the software does not have to be worked on again. This increases cost, therefore to develop one software, several iterations are used. The Agile Software Development requires a team of competent people who have decision making abilities to take on the responsibility for delivering the best software in the market.

The Agile Software Development works much like an assembly line. Different teams work on different components of the software and then collaborate if there is any change in decisions. The team sizes are compact so that there is no communication breakdown among team members. Each team has a customer representative, hired to communicate to the teams any additional requirement that a customer may want. There are tools such as continuous integration; pair programming and xUnit testing that is used to enhance the quality and therefore the agility of the software.

Agile web development is a component of the Agile Software development process and uses similar strategies of planning processes, designing and testing at various stages during the cycle of production. The Agile Web Development helps in creating efficient web applications and programs for customers such as using the waterfall model that integrates the changes a customer wants and then tests the software, if the software does not meet the customer requirements, an error is generated. Since the web development strategy revolves around iteration also and continuous feedback, the final project is delivered at a fast pace with minimum problems and loopholes.

Sprint, Iterations, scrums help us to have success in custom software development.

Agile training, Agile support and Agile development style, daily agile practice – this is our process