Adobe Flex (Adobe Flash Builder) and Flash Framework

Diatom Enterprises as a flash development company is an expert in Adobe Flex and Flash. Company’s flash developers widely use Adobe Flex and Flash in developing such projects as Online Real Estate Marketplace, File and Document Storage System, Music Production LibraryLatvian Government Archive System, DSA Training System.

According Google – the modern browsers are not going to support anymore Flash starting from 2021. Diatom Enterprises proposes software development services to migrate Flash based applications on HTML5.

Starting from 2007 until now Diatom Enterprises Company provides offshore flex development as well as offshore flash development services for a wide range of areas and companies around the world. If you are looking for experienced and trusted flash developers for hire you are in the right place.

Below you may find 2012 year based information from our company.

Expectations of modern user are very high. One winning way for meeting and even exceeding these expectations is to deploy Flash.  Flash is used in professional flash developer to create and deliver interactivity, animation and video to the wide audience across the Internet, for advertising purposes and games, for Rich Web applications. Web development gets ahead or meets the failure because of three factors: reach, expressiveness, and consistency. Whereas some suppliers precede in one or two areas, Flash leads in all three of them. Flash is one of the most known technologies used on the Web today. Today Flash content reaches almost 98% of Internet users.

Flash Framework works as an associated kit of flash programming technologies. Flash works as the “re-leaser” for flesh developers on the Internet and the reason is an opportunity to express, attract and interact. Flash is often the perfect solution to create the most attractive presentation and improve Web functionality.

Flash contains ActionScript language. Flash operates with vector and raster graphics as well as supplies bidirectional streaming multimedia; it is able to detect client’s input via microphone or camera, keyboard or mouse. Vector objects are attached mathematically, while bitmaps are represented by pixels.

Combination of vector graphics and program code makes Flash files smaller and to employ less bandwidth, while web flash development objects to retain quality regardless of zoom resolution.

Adobe Flex is a productive, open-source software development platform from Adobe Systems for the building and deploying expressive Web applications for professional flash development across browsers, desktops, and operating systems.

It was a challenge for application programmers in flash development companies to adjust to the image upon what the Flash framework was initially created. Flex development undermines the problem of web flash development by ensuring a workflow and flex programming pattern that would be closer to programmers who struggled to adapt it.

Flex development kit offers a constituent parts’ suite of the user interface such as list boxes, trees, buttons, several text controls, data grids, and different layout containers. Various graphs and charts come as an add-on instrument. Options as animation effects, application states, web services, modal dialogues, drag and drop, form validation and other intercommunication feature complete the platform.

Flash Flex development applications serve as the presentation layer. Flex and Flash Player offer various helpful options to transmit and load data between components without client reloading the view.  They set up a stateful client where significant changes to the view don’t require loading a new page, which is later used by most flash developers.

Technologies that get compared to Flex include JavaFX, Curl, Ajax, OpenLaszlo, XUL, and Windows Presentation Foundation technologies such as Silverlight.