Financial Mathematics

Our software developing specialists have deep subject matter knowledge of financial math. We developed algorithms for stock markets analysis, calculation of futures and options. Diatom Enterprises’ developing experience involves creating financial calculators for regular users, professionals and companies in the real estate, investment, mortgage and financial services industries.

One of the fastest-growing areas for use of financial mathematics on the Internet is the high-tech end of the financial sector. Banks, insurance companies and investment houses are busy with going online with multiple financial applications and tools. These financially engineered products are needed to establish, operate and maintain financial data both over-the-counter and on the international markets. They all are based on widely used financial formulas and equations.

You may want to invest your savings in real estate or buy a CD in the Internet store – no matter what financial transactions with complicated calculations and numbers you may use, still they all involve different financial formulas. Our company focuses on creating accurate, easy to use, and feature-rich financial software.

Developing different projects over the years our team used financial mathematics in so many of them, for example, Online Real Estate MarketplaceShort Sale Online MarketplaceSoftware Solution For Real Estate AgentsDSA Training System and others.