10 year anniversary: Diatom Enterprises

Behind every solid success story is one person whose exceptional intelligence, creative ability, vision, and who has the skill to transform that vision into reality.

Behind every solid success story is one person whose exceptional intelligence, creative ability, vision, and who has the skill to transform that vision into reality. The other key ingredient is for the visionary to surround himself with brilliant people of diverse talents. That nucleus allows the establishment of a solid business foundation that will support diversified and sustainable long term growth. At Diatom Enterprises the foundation leaders are Denis Gorshkov CEO, Slava Dubovitsky CTO, Evgueny Lemasov, COO.


Diatom’s mastery of Custom Software Development now supports 50 Software Developers, 6 marketing staff members, and 15 support staff. They provide services to many foreign corporations with a majority in the United States. The organization has an office in Palm Harbor Florida, and the main office for development work in Riga, Latvia.


Recently the Executive Committee began to install new leadership strategies because their past management system was handicapping their growth above their current size. The new strategies provide lateral supervision and direction with decision making completely delegated to the individuals of its Executive Committee. It also provides training and opportunities for its emerging junior leaders. As the company continues to grow, the present leaders will move to higher levels of responsibility, while those junior leaders assume the present leaders’ responsibilities and perform as the new senior leaders. Once this new management system is installed, the company will be on solid footing to secure and maintain the growth goals of being five times its size and profitability in an additional five years. Leadership anticipates expanding this new management system or perhaps a more advanced style when needed.


Denis, the founder, provided custom software development in Canada and the western United States as an understudy. He then owned his own company for 10 years prior to returning home to Riga. Old school friends, Slava and Denis moved to form Diatom Enterprises and Evgueny soon joined them. Like every new business, they struggled to survive on business imported from the US and to grow their business locally. Overhead was lower so more attractive fees soon lured other companies to follow their original clients and the firm began to grow. Soon the company needed diversified leadership. Denis remained in the business and marketing section and as the CEO. With more developers, Slava assumed that leadership as the CTO and internal controls, logistics and planning fell on the competent intellect of Evgueny the COO.

The business grew 100% through existing clients requesting more development and from their referrals to potential new clients. It would have been impossible to grow in this manner if the Custom Development Systems they and their support staff created were not the only state of the art but creatively and efficiently designed.

The firm’s philosophy to hire highly trained and skilled staff, void the need for drama, and desiring highly effective collaborations allowed the company to continue growing. Soon the law of, “Like Attracts Like,” recruitment of the very best became easier as The Best wanted to join The Best.


Leadership understood that the firm is no better than their staff and their success would automatically be transferred into powerful growth for the company. With that in mind, the company has consistently provided Continuing Development Strategy Training so that each member of the team not only stays current but is always two steps ahead of their competition. Excellence through education has been a commitment from their commencement and has led to them being accepted as a Microsoft Partner.


Advanced Communication Skills Laboratories are ongoing because the leadership understands that there are few problems more deadly and reoccurring than the failures generated from lapses in communication. Additionally, as a compliment, the company also offers on-going classes in English tutoring with those classes held in the office.


We dream big

There is no remarkable growth without taking risks. High growth companies focus on controlled risks and make sure that taking risks is not too high to be fatal. Diatom consistently steps out into the unknown. The founder constantly reminds others. “We cannot lead by following what others are doing. Dreaming is a requirement of leadership and great leadership makes dreams come true. Let’s dream big dreams!”