The Future of AI in Custom Software Development

The software development landscape is constantly evolving, driven by disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Its impact is already evident, and 2024 promises even more exciting advancements. This year, we can expect to see significant growth in: AI-powered tools for custom software development: Tools that understand natural language descriptions and automatically generate code snippets will … Continue reading

Why Consider Outsourcing to Latvia for Custom Software Development? A Closer Look at the Benefits.

What is Custom Software Development? Custom software development involves the conceptualization, construction, implementation, and upkeep of software tailored to the needs of particular users, functions, or organizations. Unlike off-the-shelf software that is commercially available, the focus of custom software development is on meeting specific and well-defined requirements. What is the Importance of Tailoring Software Solutions … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises – Family-Friendly Workplace

At Diatom Enterprises, we are committed to ensuring a harmonious work-life balance for our team. We are proud to have excelled in this endeavor, earning recognition as a Family-Friendly Workspace. This underscores our commitment to nurturing a culture of empathy, compassion, and understanding in Latvia’s workplace landscape. Being a Family-Friendly Workplace shows our commitment to … Continue reading

Custom Software Development as a Managed IT Service

What is a Managed IT Services Model? Managed IT service is a model in which a business completely outsources its IT processes to a different company. The IT company then operates based on the instructions and requirements that were provided by the business they are working with. With this model, the clients can completely control … Continue reading

Financial Software to Improve Payment Processing

Purpose of FinTech Custom financial software development, or as it is often called lately FinTech custom software development, is a field constantly evolving alongside methods of money transactions. Nowadays, almost every business focuses primarily on electronic payment types, as it has become safer, more efficient and more comfortable for both businesses and customers. FinTech aims … Continue reading

Introduction to Optimization of Logistical Processes

Common Logistics and Transportation Issue Logistics and transportation businesses are prone to having issues just as businesses from any other industry. At some point, any logistics company can run into such problems as inaccurate inventory management or inefficient transportation, which are solvable by proper logistics software. In this article, we are going to research the … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises – Top Employers of the Year!

Last week, our company Diatom Enterprises received a MeetFrank award for being one of Latvia’s best employers. We are delighted to be mentioned by one of the best companies that aim to achieve freedom and efficiency in the recruitment market and we completely support the cause! MeetFrank is a company that is aiming to improve … Continue reading

Custom Learning Management System Development

At Diatom Enterprises we provide businesses with cutting-edge technological solutions. One of our areas of proficiency is learning management system development, which comes as a part of our online education software development services. We strive to deliver top-notch educational software solutions to make knowledge, one of the most precious resources, more accessible to anyone who … Continue reading

How to Achieve Next-Gen Education? EdTech Basics and Capabilities.

Developing an EdTech app or online education software might get tough at some point. The main goal of online education software is to make the educational process more engaging and interesting, and to add more features to the process of students’ education. The online educational standards help to make the basic concept of the project, … Continue reading

Clutch Features Diatom Enterprises as a Leading 2022 Developer in Latvia

Diatom Enterprise provides customers from many different industries with custom-developed software, like online education, FinTech, logistics and hospitality, and many others. For many years we’ve been researching and adopting the top-notch technologies the software development market could offer. Our research and development department is constantly working to achieve the highest quality of the projects, as … Continue reading

Manual and Automation Testing Services. Which One To Choose?

Diatom Enterprises suggests customized Manual and Automation QA testing solutions for projects of different complexity, niches, and industries. Whenever you’re ready, feel free to contact us and find out how Diatom dedicated QA professionals can face your project challenges! Peculiarities And Definitions Of Manual And Automation QA Testing Services Numerous young, tech-curious workers, as well … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises Blazor Developers’ Team

Our company constantly strives to sharpen the research and analysis of innovative and promising technologies. It becomes possible by paying a lot of attention, time, and resources to explore and implement these technologies into the work process. The compilation of our efforts makes us stand out from the crowd of competitors and be proudly referred … Continue reading