Manual and Automation Testing Services. Which One To Choose?

Diatom Enterprises suggests customized Manual and Automation QA testing solutions for projects of different complexity, niches, and industries. Whenever you’re ready, feel free to contact us and find out how Diatom dedicated QA professionals can face your project challenges! Peculiarities And Definitions Of Manual And Automation QA Testing Services Numerous young, tech-curious workers, as well … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises Blazor Developers’ Team

Our company constantly strives to sharpen the research and analysis of innovative and promising technologies. It becomes possible by paying a lot of attention, time, and resources to explore and implement these technologies into the work process. The compilation of our efforts makes us stand out from the crowd of competitors and be proudly referred … Continue reading

Vue.js: Create web table for 30 minutes

Welcome to Diatom Enterprises website! Very often in our work, we have to create components for working with Tables. Typically, a client needs a quick and easy way to create tables with sorting, filtering and pagination. In addition, tables must be versatile so that they could be used for small data sets as well as … Continue reading

15 Years in Custom Software Development

Today, we celebrate the 15 years our company first started to deliver custom software development services for the commercial IT market. Founded by three developers in 2004, we shared the experience of all the greatest IT companies today, by working from a rented apartment! Our first project was with a growing company, RealtyTrac. We moved … Continue reading

The quality of software development services at Diatom Enterprises confirmed by ISO certification

We are happy to announce that Diatom Enterprises has been successfully accredited with the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 for its management principles in providing custom software development services. We have been an ISO-certified custom software development and IT consulting company since 2016. It’s important for us to meet the world’s quality standards and exceed … Continue reading

10 year anniversary: Diatom Enterprises

Behind every solid success story is one person whose exceptional intelligence, creative ability, vision, and who has the skill to transform that vision into reality. The other key ingredient is for the visionary to surround himself with brilliant people of diverse talents. That nucleus allows the establishment of a solid business foundation that will support … Continue reading