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Diatom Enterprises is a Canadian founded and Latvia based Software Development and Consultancy Company producing custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries all around the Globe. We have 15+ years of expertise and knowledge in developing business applications for Web, Mobile and Desktop.

We work for US, UK, EU and Latvian clients.

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How many developers in Diatom Enterprises?

Currently, we have 60 full-time developers on board and 400 on call, working remotely. You may see technology expertise on our technology and Blog pages. However, the following technologies are our main engines:

Hire Software development team: Diatom Enterprises technologies

Should you have a software project and need to contract developers, Diatom envisions the following team structure by role:

  1. Project Manager, Scrum Master, Business Analyst roles can be carried out by a single specialist or several people who have corresponding experience in 5+ similar projects. As necessary, the level of involvement is scalable dependent on project scope.
    An example of an engineer’s profile:Business Analyst, Scrum master and project manager.

    • For the last 5 years they were a leader of 15 people team for a project in Florida, USA;
    • The Team developed an all-encompassing accounting, point of sale, inventory, procurement and membership management system to run a city of 100,000 people;
    • Technology stack for the project: Angular, Web.API, C#, akka.Net, MS SQL;
    • Has 25 years of experience in knowledge transfer, development, management and successful delivery of the many IT projects.
  2. Team Lead – a technical team leader who has technical experience in all project technologies as well as experience in leading technical teams.
    • 20 years’ experience in Software development;
    • Team leader and Architect for the many projects;
    • Angular, Web.API, .NET core, akka.NET , MVC, MS SQL.
  3. DEV – a software developer with a level of seniority commensurate with projects tasks.
    • 15+ years’ experience as senior software developer for the North-American and European markets;
    • Excellent organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills with sublime attention to detail.
  4. QA – a test engineer who has manual and automated testing experience.
    • 9+ years of experience;
    • Selenium testing automation architect;
    • Design and Development of testing framework;
    • CI & CD;
    • Developed more than 4,000 automated tests.

The recruitment process and setting up the nearshore team for you

  • Business engagement – understanding your business needs and objectives
    If you want to hire a development team for your project, we suggest organizing a meeting in which you will discover our level of competence and experience on similar projects. In accordance with your requirements, we will compose a team for you.
  • Project engagement – understand the project goals
    Its important for us not just to help you with the recruitment of programmers; the most important thing is that the goals of the project be achieved. The main criteria for our success is the success of your business.
  • Setting Up the team for you.
    We help set up a team for you, but that is not all. You can scale the command. In addition, you can always take advantage of our UI / UX development team, SEO team, part-time project managers and analysts. Diatom will do everything possible to ensure that your project succeeds.

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Software Development Team: Diatom Enterprises

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