Docker Containerization

Back story A few years ago, I started working with Node.js applications. Recently, I was assigned to an existing project. When I opened the Readme file, I found out that at least five applications had to be downloaded in order for the project to start working: Node.js, Image Magic, Gulp, Postgress, create default database and … Continue reading

SVG whiteboard implementation with TypeScript and SVG.js

The task In a recent project, a client wanted to have a drawing board in a browser where multiple users could interact. They already had a working whiteboard that we would have to redesign and improve according to their needs. The problem When we looked at the whiteboard’s code, we immediately realized that it … Continue reading

Why to say yes to AngularJS in the admin dashboard

Almost any web project should have an admin part. Some web projects have an admin dashboard that takes nearly 50% or more of all functionality, especially in B2B projects. In such cases, it is very important to use the best approach you can to develop the dashboard. Here are the most important front-end features you … Continue reading