What You Should Know Before Choosing Angular 2+

It’s not Angular 1 While the brand name and main developer team are the same, it is not Angular 1, meaning, it is a completely rewritten framework and thus migrating from 1.x to 2+ requires learning Angular 2+ as a new framework. Learning and documentation Angular 2+ has quite a steep learning curve compared to … Continue reading

Give life to your static app design using Micro-Interactions Animations

If you want to create a user-friendly design for your application and attract more customers to your project, try to add more motion to your design. Entertain your customers with engaging and dynamic user-interface using different Micro-Interaction effects. Create the best user experience for your app by adding Micro-Interactions to your design. Interaction Design What … Continue reading

Flex to HTML5/AngularJS Migration Approach

Challenges of staying with Flex The cost will always be a major concern if you plan to upgrade your software to conform to up-to-date technologies to keep pace with progress. However, staying with a proprietary platform may cost your business far more than the decision to migrate. If you plan to stick with Flex your … Continue reading