How to hire an international team?

The world is interconnected but sometimes companies and individuals tend to look for people to hire in their own city, region, country or require relocation as if it was the 19th century. That is a reasonable thing to do if you are afraid of losing your intellectual property to a random dude in China. But … Continue reading

Communications Skills in IT: Key to Success!

Diatom Enterprises strongly believes it is not enough to be an excellent Developer, it is crucial to be a great Communicator On the 3rd of March, the Global New Business Director Mike Kilgore who represents Diatom Enterprises, IT software company in Latvia, was presenting a Lecture on Verbal Judo and Profound Influencing Skills to the … Continue reading

Talent Metric Recruiting and Workforce Management

Diatom Enterprises’ experts in custom software development supplied multiple services to a new client who offers Talent Metric Recruiting and Workforce Management services online and were first in this field. More recently, the company started a formal effort, the result of which is Talent Metric brand, to integrate selection tools into everything they do. They … Continue reading