Frustration Driven Development

As you can guess from the title, I am frustrated. I am frustrated by the fact that we neglect the solutions to the problems that already have been solved. It’s painful to admit, but I am also infected with this particular disease. More often than not I tend to overlook some of the things in … Continue reading

How to hire an international team?

The world is interconnected but sometimes companies and individuals tend to look for people to hire in their own city, region, country or require relocation as if it was the 19th century. That is a reasonable thing to do if you are afraid of losing your intellectual property to a random dude in China. But … Continue reading

Array is one of the workhorses in Ruby

In this post, I will dive into Arrays. There are several methods we use every day, methods we use sometimes and methods we don’t know they even exist. Basics It’s a boring definition, but we all need to remember it: Array indexing starts at 0. A negative index is assumed to be relative to the … Continue reading

ASP.NET MVC: Business Logic as a Separate Layer

ASP.NET MVC offers a great way of how to separate different application layers. View layer is responsible for data representation, the controller layer is responsible for receiving and replying to requests, and models are used as two-way information carriers between the previous two layers. This separation of concerns is convenient for developers because there is … Continue reading

3 Things You Need to Know About Accessibility

Recently, I was asked: How do disabled people use the web? I have been working as a web developer for about four years, but I have never really thought about the usability of my web application for disabled people. And that single question made me think: “Am I creating software that is available for everyone?” … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises, Florida office and global expansion

Consistently accelerating growth at Diatom Enterprises, a 10-year seasoned custom software development firm is now forcing the company to double the size of its Tampa Bay, Florida, office. Although a global company they concentrate on servicing and developing referrals from existing clients and expanding their client base in North America and Western Europe. United States … Continue reading