Should we be scared of robots or not?

At Diatom Enterprises we believe that people have nothing to fear from robots. We think they are created to help us, assist with difficult things and be companions, team members or friends… but not to replace human beings. In that regard, recently, we were asked to present a lecture on automation and robotics to a … Continue reading

Baltic Outlook about the the company Diatom Enterprises and Robot Pepper

A polite and pleasant host, an attentive and compassionate listener… Already sounds like you’d want to hire this person as your company’s receptionist, salesperson, or client assistant? First of all, this is not a person, but a robot. Pepper is the first humanoid robot capable of reading and responding to human emotions. Pepper will interpret … Continue reading

Diatom’s 2017 Year in Review

This is actually one of our favorite activities, because memories, words, sometimes even things done are forgotten and lost over time. However, that which is written with a pen – or in today’s world, with the keyboard – stays if not forever, at least for a long time. The year of 2017 has been varied. … Continue reading

The 4th episode of the Pepper vlog is out

It is so incredible to see how the robot Pepper has developed. When we first met, the only thing he could do was to say ‘Hello’ to everybody. Now, we can see him talking to himself, joking or even predicting the future, just like a human being. Of course, this is thanks to those who … Continue reading

November Events: Riga Comm 2017

The two-day Riga Comm 2017 event will be held on November 9–10, 2017, at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia. We will be glad to welcome you to the A15/A17 booth and tell you more about our custom software development services. Additionally, we would love to introduce you to our special team member, Robot Pepper, … Continue reading

New Episode “Getting Around” of our Vlog is released!

As you might remember, we have recently started a vlog series about Robot Pepper becoming Diatom’s employee. The previous episode seemed to cause a lot of interest among our subscribers. In the first episode “Arrival” you could see how we have brought Pepper to the office, how she has met us and how she was … Continue reading

New Vlog series “Robot Intern at Diatom Enterprises”

Being deeply interested in AI and robotics we learned that no one should get cosy at the work chair. The intelligent machines are on the march and becoming so sophisticated that this is quite naive to think that they would not outperform humans one day. Which is not a problem but an opportunity in our … Continue reading