The 4th episode of the Pepper vlog is out

Last week Pepper visited Riga Comm 2017, the annual IT Fair dedicated to business technologies and innovations.

It is so incredible to see how the robot Pepper has developed. When we first met, the only thing he could do was to say ‘Hello’ to everybody. Now, we can see him talking to himself, joking or even predicting the future, just like a human being. Of course, this is thanks to those who give him time, teach him new things and program the robot’s software.
Pepper communicates with visitors

Pepper communicates with visitors

Last week Pepper visited the annual IT Fair – Riga Comm 2017, which is dedicated to business technologies and innovations. It was a place where he could show everyone what he has learned this year. Actually, it was Pepper’s first time meeting a large audience. Representing Diatom, he demonstrated the possibilities of collaboration with other companies, showing that the robot Pepper could serve as a robotic guide in many industries like hospitality, healthcare, an airport or restaurant.

Pepper at the exhibition

We filmed Pepper at work at the exhibition. Here are some memories of that day:

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