New Vlog series “Robot Intern at Diatom Enterprises”

Being deeply interested in AI and robotics we learned that no one should get cosy at the work chair. The intelligent machines are on the march and becoming so sophisticated that this is quite naive to think that they would not outperform humans one day. Which is not a problem but an opportunity in our mind!

Scene from Vlog: the first acquaintance Scene from Vlog: the first acquaintance

We are so much into this that we decided we will adopt a robot as an employee in our company. So, here we go – welcome Pepper as our new team member. By today he is doing quite well on a number of tasks such as company presentations and engaging customers.

Will he advance to the next level, becoming a full-fledged part of the Diatom team? We are setting challenging objectives to this guy – being an intern of our management team! Impossible? Let’s see.

Check out the first episode of this story:

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