Model View Presenter

As UI-creation technologies such as ASP.NET and Windows® Forms become more and more powerful, it’s common practice to let the UI layer do more than it should. Without a clear separation of responsibilities, the UI layer can often become a catch-all for logic that really belongs in other layers of the application. One … Continue reading

What type of mobile application is right for you?

In the consumer realm, the term “mobile app” assumes that an application is intended to work on a mobile device. In the software developer’s world, there is much more to consider. Once the decision to develop a mobile application has been made, the first technical questions … Continue reading

Responsive or adaptive design: which is best?

As you may know, there are four types of website layouts: static, liquid, adaptive and responsive. The type of layout users should use for their website depends on their designer’s specific needs and requirements. Some people prefer to build websites using only a static layout in order to save time and money. Other people prefer … Continue reading

Why to say yes to AngularJS in the admin dashboard

Almost any web project should have an admin part. Some web projects have an admin dashboard that takes nearly 50% or more of all functionality, especially in B2B projects. In such cases, it is very important to use the best approach you can to develop the dashboard. Here are the most important front-end features you … Continue reading

Windows 8 Modern UI development

When did Microsoft announce the official launch of Windows Modern UI and that it became possible to program using this technology? When did you start using it at Diatom Enterprises? In April 2014 Microsoft has announced a technology called Windows 8.1 Universal App. This technology allows developing an application for both Windows Phone and desktops, … Continue reading