What’s New in .NET 8 for Blazor Development?

The upcoming .NET 8 release in November 2023 promises a plethora of new features set to revolutionize software development. Notably, alongside significant updates for MAUI and Native AOT, there’s a major overhaul in store for Blazor technology. A Look Back at Blazor Before .NET 8 Previously, developers had two primary Blazor project types at their … Continue reading

.NET MAUI – The Future of Cross-Platform Development Unveiled

Introduction to .NET MAUI .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI), Microsoft’s cutting-edge cross-platform framework, empowers software developers to construct apps for diverse platforms using a unified code base. With .NET MAUI, you can craft applications for Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows utilizing C# and XAML. Aiming for Code Base Unification This framework aims to … Continue reading

Vue.js: Create web table for 30 minutes

Welcome to Diatom Enterprises website! Very often in our work, we have to create components for working with Tables. Typically, a client needs a quick and easy way to create tables with sorting, filtering and pagination. In addition, tables must be versatile so that they could be used for small data sets as well as … Continue reading

Cuba, why not?

In this post, I want to introduce you to Cuba. Cuba is a microframework for web development originally inspired by Rum, a tiny but powerful mapper for Rack applications. It integrates many templates via Tilt, and testing via Cutest and Capybara. Usually, when you speak to a Ruby developer, he will describe himself as a … Continue reading