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Diatom Enterprises is a Canadian founded however, Latvian based Software Development Company producing custom software solutions for a wide variety of worldwide companies and industries.

In the early 2000s, web technology did not allow us to make the user interface convenient enough for working with content. Users worked on both Mac and Windows desktop computers and used a number of different browsers. In one of our projects for developing an online Training system for a Californian client, we suffered for a long time with the old ext.JS framework in order to ensure adequate display and printing with various types of content.

The advent of Flash Builder, and then Flex Builder, was a step-change, a real revolution and breakthrough for us.

flex weborb nHibernate migration to angular

This allowed us to create great things, being extremely user friendly to work with content, create multisided courses, training plans, create online exam systems, that all performed seamlessly on different platforms.

However, like a bolt from the blue, in 2012, news came that Flash would not be supported on iPad tablets. Since that time, Diatomenterprises acquired the first commercial experience in migrating a system developed in Flex Builder into HTML5 technology.

The real challenge, was that at that time about, 1000 clients used our system written in FLASH. Each had multiple numbers of students sometimes numbering the hundreds which in total amounted to 10k  online sessions simultaneously. It was necessary to migrate from Flash to HTML 5 flawlessly, without interrupting the session.

It was successfully completed and you can see the story about that migration here…

Or, in short, we managed to migrate a project developed using in .NET/WebOrb/Flash into NodeJS/AngularJS/HTML5.

Since then, year on year, many companies have completed development using Flash, and all new projects have been implemented using technologies such as Angular, React, Vue etc.

We have been constantly approached for consultations by companies have that faced similar questions. For example, in 2015, a German company requested our consultancy services on how to migrate a system written using FLEX Builder to manage electronic equipment control systems at one of the largest European airports, to HTML5 and AngularJS. Our company developed a plan and methodology to ensure this migration.

In 2017, a UK-based company approached us, which at the moment had about 500 training courses and training material for kindergarten children made using Flash. They also needed to migrate from Flash to HTML5.

Currently, a team of 10 of developers from Diatom Enterprises, are working on migration of the electronic Mark Book system for Canadian students from JAVA – Granite – Flash to HTML5 – Angular8 platform. As in other cases, this task requires an agile project managed approach, since the Legacy Flash system is used in real time by clients and users of the system. The total amount of students circa 10,000; Our programmers need to ensure a smooth migration from the old system to the new one so that users do not lose their data, can work for some time simultaneously on both systems and, inherit the design of the HTML5 system in relation to Legacy Flash.

flex granite java spring migration to angular

If you were not able to find an exact example of your system among the above ones, please do not hesitate and contact us for advice. We will be happy to help, guide and counsel you to a successful solution to your needs!

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