Gleb Barkov

Operations Manager

I was familiar with Diatom’s reputation and was excited to hear during my interview how my professional life was going to change. How could I miss out on such a wonderful opportunity? Since that time all they said has come true and more. I have often learned more in a day than previously in a month!  In the past, I could not have imagined my highly accelerated professional growth, and I can’t see a limit. Not too long ago had you asked me to describe my vision of the most amazing place to work, I would have been describing Diatom Enterprises.

I have progressed to being a Project Manager. With the leaders at Diatom and my hard work, I have developed my management skills in communications, time management, monitoring deadlines, helping my team, and each of them individually. The most challenging skills to master have been communicating effectively between our clients and my team members.

My past now seems like fate. In secondary school I became a leader in our school radio program and then in high school, I was elected to my schools Parliament, and again a leader in my university class.

My first experience in IT was in 2011 when a small group of friends decided to open our own company. From the very first day of our company, I was responsible for communication, management and tasks organization.  I had two freelancing years while I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  When I came to Diatom Enterprises, I was sure that I knew what it meant to be a leader, but I was totally wrong.

Now, working under its accomplished leaders I understand and am trying to achieve being a true leader. Diatom is a place, where bright young IT professional can uncover their true gifts and fulfil their destiny.