Media and Entertainment Software Development

Media and Entertainment software solutions, individually tailored for your efficient use.
Custom Software Development for Media and Entertainment Industry
In the current day, media and entertainment have been digitalized, allowing for at-home access to the world’s most favorite shows, music, and many more.
Diatom Enterprises is happy to bring joy to others, having had experience media software development for various niches, for example, development in the sphere of gaming, and development of mobile applications for listening to media (i.e., podcasts) on mobile devices.
Please take a look at what we can offer:
Media and Entertainment solutions
01.Mobile Entertainment Application
Development of custom mobile cross-platform solutions.
02.Multimedia Streaming Software
Creation of fully-functional audio or video streaming services for desktop and mobile use.
03.Custom Entertainment Website
Custom front-to-back website creation for any platform, made possible by our Web Developers and UI/UX Designers.
On-demand native and cross-platform game development.

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