Post Industrial Age Products


An enterprise-wide web portal for a firm whose main stream of revenue comes from selling the information and services over the web. This includes information stored for real estate, various intellectual property licensing shops, on line data storages and online social networking software. Although each specific industry adds a twist on the development process and analysis the core remains the same. On the one hand, our clients strive to have a competitive and robust mechanism to sell to their clients.

On the other hand, success is impossible without proper and inventive analytics and success metrics allowing the stakeholders to make the tactical and strategic decisions to maximize their revenue for short and long term. Recently a new demand has emerged – Search Engine optimization and management of Google Adwords campaigns. We have put some extensive efforts into these areas and are proud to say that we did excel there as well.



>1,000,000 shipments processed with our software

Real Estate

Web & Mobile solutions for
120 MLN homes for sale  

Education Software

Online Training
and Exam systems

e-Government Systems

e-Signature, e-Health, 
smart-home solutions

Mobile Development

Native & Cross-Platform development services


Custom solutions
for billing systems

Tourism, Travel, Resort

Working with biggest US
and UK private organizations