Electronic Signature project for the Latvian Government

Diatom Enterprises’ specialists worked as subcontractors for Microsoft Latvia developing an Electronic Signature project for the Latvian Government that ensures that every individual and company in the county are able to purchase and use the electronic signatures.


Service’s first introduction in public took place on September 2006.

Service for individuals is designed using a smart card, which includes electronic certificates attesting to their identity. The basic service is the e-signature that includes a smart card can be used for submitting documents to public authorities, as well as auto-identification in various self-service systems and Internet banking.

Certification services for companies are designed using the smart card, which includes electronic certificates attesting to their identity and its relationship with the company, as well as more specific certificates and services that enable businesses to provide more services as in-house, it also provides services to its customers.

100% secure environment for creating and signing of the electronic document as well as verification and archiving functionality.

An electronic signature is not only environmentally friendly as less paper and printer consumables are used. It also helps to reduce costs by standardizing internal procedures and reducing unnecessary steps in process flows. Thus costs are easier to control and customer satisfaction is easier to achieve.

There are about 4000 ICTs companies which constitute about 12% of the State Gross product with an annual turnover of more than 700 million lats. Most enterprises are specialized in providing with various information technology services but the largest turnover makes telecommunication enterprises.
At the moment 8 main government institutions of Latvia accept electronic documents signed with an electronic signature or use it in online services.

Programming language: C#.

Net technologies: .NET.

Database/Application Servers: MsSQL 2000/2005.