Music production library system for the European market

Diatom has developed a music production library system for the European market (Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom).

Project Highlights: It is a high-quality music collection on CD designed for professionals within the audiovisual industry


Diatom’s team has developed music production library system for globally recognized Music Brand, where every professional within the audiovisual industry can find a music file for use in film, television, radio and other media from the pearls of music business sharing top compositions of talented artists.

More than 7 000 audio files from 2 000 publishers; 100,000 users.

Constantly renewable high-class standard catalogue of audio files from local storage devices.

A unique approach for reporting broadcast performances offers the same possibilities for artists published in the production library.

Smart navigation and increased convenience of advanced search in the media library.
26 commonly most commonly used audio formats.

Online listening, instant and easy to use download; High-End Broadcast production of musical files.

A wide set of functionality for music industry agents; the possibility of determining access to music files by region; multilingual publishing and editing features of content.

Adaptation to the usage patterns and compilation of the recommended list of music files based on the usage history.

Professional online audio files’ conversion service.

Programming language:  C#.NET, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Flash.

Net technologies:  .NET, Framework 1.0, Framework 3.5, Ajax for Searching functionalityCredit Card Processing and SMS Billing, Statistical Analysis

Database/Application Servers:  MS SQL 2005.