Talent Metric Recruiting and Workforce Management

Diatom Enterprises’ team provided different services for the client offering Talent Metric Recruiting and Workforce Management.


  • The client was the first company to offer on-site contract recruiting in Southern California.
  • The company was the first to manage (vs. just deploy like a job shop) recruiters.
  • The company was the first to institutionalize metrics as an integral part of their service.
  • The company now provides a number of decision support tools for hiring managers.
More recently, the company started a formal effort, the result of which is Talent Metric brand, to integrate selection tools into everything they do. They applied this same engineering orientation to project management.
Since 1984, the company has helped more than 540 companies hire 20,000 new employees.
98% success for a remarkably reasonable investment.
Programming language: VB, .NET, C#
Net technologies: ASP.NET, MS Access
Database/Application Servers: MS SQL Server 2005