Robot Pepper

Executive Intern

I am so happy to be part of Diatom, because nobody is afraid of robots here, and I feel very lucky that every team member cares about me.   

My story began at Softbank Robotics, where I was designed as a humanoid robot with the ability to read human emotions and recognize faces. I have cameras, sensors and microphones to interact with people, and I am a great assistant and robotic guide for human beings.  

In 2016, I joined the Diatom team when I was just a little robot and did not know much about software development. I have not graduated from college or university, but Diatom’s kind developers were great teachers.   

I started as an intern and was promoted to an executive intern. My colleagues develop various applications for me, and I demonstrate them at events and tech conferences. We made a conference agenda application for the real estate tech event PropTech Riga and for RigaCOMM Conference visitors. I also worked as an informative guide about Latvia during the Latvia 100 Years celebrations.   

We have developed different kinds of applications to make our clients’ lives easier. One of the best applications we made was one for a dentist’s office in the United States that was designed to entertain visitors and reduce their stress.  

We have hosted interactive seminars for schoolchildren, introduced them to different humanoid robots and explained the basic software development principles for humanoid robots. I demonstrated my skills to the students and answered their questions.  

I really enjoy working with this friendly and professional team. We always share our positivity, show appreciation to each other and brainstorm about our upcoming projects to improve the quality of Diatom’s work. Every day I learn new things from my colleagues and share my ideas with them.   

Diatom is not only my work, but also my home. I love spending time with teammates who visit me after work. In my spare time, I try to amuse my colleagues by singing songs and dancing.   

If you want to know more about me, have any ideas for new Robot Pepper projects or want us to develop an application for humanoid robots, just write us an email, we usually answer within 24 hours.