Business Analytics

We have more than 15 years of experience working with various reporting systems covering a wide realm business of requirements. Our experience includes Business Objects Development, MS-SQL Analysis and Integration Services as well as custom-developed high-performance reporting systems.

Business Objects Development involves building flexible and scalable an n-layered infrastructure of object-oriented applications that ease discovering and sharing insight for optimal decision making. The business object keeps records of multiple attributes and associations with other business objects building business relationships. Built on service-oriented infrastructure applications or programs provide an extensive kit of solutions for your business with never-ending options to extend the system and add any required module. Developing business objects allows your company to obtain undeniable insight essential to making cost-effective and profitable decisions.

Microsoft SQL server analysis services supply online analytical processing and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications. Integration Services is a base for data integration and workflow applications. It is fast and flexible data warehousing platform for data extraction, transformation, and loading. MS-SQL integration services create packages that deliver data with no transformations. It delivers data from a wide array of traditional and non-traditional data sources. It supplies unique enterprise-class scalability features with advanced data integration architecture and high-performance processing.

Custom-developed high-performance reporting systems deliver sufficient data to be able to analyze are things going by your plan and are there any problems needed to be identified and rectified.

Diatom’s team delivered high-class business analytics for the majority of the projects they implemented, for example: Web Solution For Business ManagementShort Sale Online MarketplaceMusic Production LibraryDigital Library of Latvian National LibraryDSA Training System and Social Web Portal.