If you are tired of the many inconveniences that are offered by C++, then you will no doubt be happy to know that there is a new programming language on the block that offers greater benefits than C++ has ever been able to offer. The program is C#. The improvements that have been made by this program on C++ are similar to those made by Java.


These similarities in summary are; there exists no global constants or functions, the object is the root source from which all classes descend, reflection capabilities that are very powerful, the concept of class inheritance is non-existent, if statements are not governed by integers, there exist inner classes among many others.

Now to the real juice, C# offers properties. These will not be the new frontier for users of Visual Basic and Delphi. The motivation behind this is that the language formalizes setter/getter methods, which is a pattern that is used extensively; this is especially true of tools of Rapid Application Development. By using this language instead of C++, you are guaranteed that the concept of setter/getter methods will be dealt with in a way that is cleaner. This is because though the concept has to be maintained in C++ and Java programs, it is inherent in the C# language.

There are numerous benefits to this approach. For instance, programmers are encouraged to think in a way that properties are involved. They are also challenged to think whether those properties are most natural as write/read versus read-only or should not be properties at all. Another benefit is that comments have to be made only once, and you do not have to make numerous comments that get out of sync with one another. If you decide that you want to change the name of your property, then you only need to look in one place.

Another reason why you should choose this programming language over C++ is that it offers indexers that permit for objects to be characterized as arrays. However, similar to properties set and/or get method is used to expose each element.

Another reason why C# is the better option is that it improves on delegates. It does this by making the approach of function pointer better by holding multiple methods and also being type-safe.
If you would like to run a more efficient system, it goes without saying (much) that C# is the program to utilize for most (if not all) of your programming needs.

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