Use Artificial Intelligence Software to get more profit from your business!

Nowadays a hotel is not only a place where people can stay overnight, but also a place where people can gather for some events such as company meeting,
scientific conference, wedding ceremony, etc. Above that, some customers prefer to stay in hotels which can not only satisfy their basic needs such as a room to live in, a place to eat (restaurant or cafeteria), but also can provide some other services such as sightseeing tours, information about nearest events, etc.

Aside from that hotel management is a complex process mostly consisting of maintaining a good quality of the provided services, critical situation management and making decisions on gathered information (Increase/decrease costs of the rooms, add/remove some items in hotel’s restaurant or bar menu, etc.). To improve this process and gain more profit, a set of applications described below could be used.

Using AI to increase the quality of services in Hotel Management area

Using AI to increase the quality of services in the Hotel Management area

Customer’s management module: Make suggestions based on customer preferences

As it was mentioned above, hotel customers have different needs based on their lifestyle or their preferences. As an example, let’s say that we have a number of hotels located in different areas of a city, each of them providing somewhat different service. Hotel A is located at the beach and has its own swimming pool, Hotel B is located in the centre of the city where most of the outdoor events take place, and Hotel C is located in the outskirts of the city where it is quiet, and there is a nice outside view. Therefore, the person who is interested mostly in swimming and surfing would prefer to stay in Hotel A, while a person who likes exploring would prefer Hotel B or C. Another example: some people have exotic taste in food or drinks preferences: vegetarians, people who prefer French food, etc., so it would be too expensive to have everything in each hotel.

As a solution to the examples described above, there could be implemented a small quiz with customers primary and secondary preferences on hotels room reservation web page, and a system which will offer suggestions based on a customer’s preferences.

AI allows to control your business in an easy and efficient way

AI allows controlling your business in an easy and efficient way

Resources and event management module: Control resources, control customers satisfaction

As resources, we understand hotels rooms, menus and such services like spa, casino, etc. To increase the profit of the hotel, first, we need to be sure that all supplies are in stock and we have up to date information about all events and services. As an example, the easiest way for the hotel to lose profit is a bad review from its customers, usually, those are based on bad services, an insufficient supply of material resources as some sort of food, drinks, towels, etc. To prevent that kind of situations, the best approach would be to create an application, which will constantly monitor all resources and will have updates on all services and event bookings. So, if one of the hotels are short on some resource (tea, towels), it can be resupplied from other hotels or be bought in time, so that customers always have everything that they need. As the second part of this application, I see a module responsible for monitoring a customer’s satisfaction of services provided in the hotel. As an example, if some room receives a good review from the customers and have a good booking history, its price can be increased, or if some food at the hotel restaurant was ordered only two times within the past year, it should be removed from the menu.

Critical situation management module: control operations and help with actions in critical situations

Manage critical situations quickly and effectively with the help of AI

Manage critical situations quickly and effectively with the help of AI

Critical situation: power, water, room shortage.

The critical situation is when for some unpredictable reason a hotel cannot serve customers any longer, as a result, there will be profit losses, the best way to minimize those is to re-book customers to the different hotels (of the same owner or to the other hotels). By doing so, the hotel will also minimize the number of negative reviews and may even receive good ones saying that this hotel can manage critical situations quickly.


As you may see there are several different areas where we may start working on the real implementation of AI methods for improvement of our business. Together with you, we will keep working on these questions and we are going to add more descriptions into this topic. Please follow us and updates are coming!