Adobe Flex (Adobe Flash Builder) and Flash Framework

Diatom Enterprises as a flash development company is an expert in Adobe Flex and Flash. Company’s flash developers widely use Adobe Flex and Flash in developing such projects as Online Real Estate Marketplace, File and Document Storage System, Music Production Library, Latvian Government Archive System, DSA Training System. … Continue reading

Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder)

Cross-Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder) Cross-Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder) is a professional development tool used by web developers. With this software, you are able to create a client-friendly platform for serving your customers using different frameworks. You would be able to create debugging, coding and visual designs using its testing … Continue reading

What type of mobile application is right for you?

In the consumer realm, the term “mobile app” assumes that an application is intended to work on a mobile device. In the software developer’s world, there is much more to consider. Once the decision to develop a mobile application has been made, the first technical questions … Continue reading

New Adobe Experience Design Tool for design, prototype and share

Imagine that you are an entrepreneur and you have a new business idea. It may be a logistic CRM created for your own company or a real estate website with unique functionality. After some research, you discover that there aren’t any similar products on the market. Where do you start? Here’s another scenario: you are … Continue reading