Do you plan in advance data architecture for your startup?

Have you faced a situation when you suddenly realized that your Large project needs to be rebuilt because you ran into an unsolvable problem related to performance? When your company have a project that is popular enough and may potentially face millions of online users we need to stop and think about it. Correctly built architecture … Continue reading

Dynamically Compile Stylesheets with Rails and Sass

One of the latest challenges that I had, was to create “Custom style sheets for each user” that user can generate to style his page. This blog post will be right about how I managed it and what “underground rocks” I faced. Basic Setup First of all, we need some basic test app before we … Continue reading

A brief overview of Ruby hash

This will be a brief overview of the hash data structure, how it is implemented and how it can be manipulated in Ruby. What is a Hash? A Hash is a data structure that organizes data in key-value pairs. It is also referred to as a dictionary or associative array. These properties of a hash … Continue reading

Your plans for December 1? Ours – DevTernity Conference

On December, 1st, Diatom Enterprises will participate at a major event in the local IT life – DevTernity Conference; as they say – “Conference for IT professionals who care about software craftsmanship”. Just as the conference organizers, we do care about the “right” software, therefore looking forward to attending the event, as well as meeting … Continue reading

How To Succeed at Riga Comm: Tips for Exhibitors

Despite the fact Diatom has been successfully working at the Latvian and global market for more than 10 years, last year was the first time our company participated in Riga Comm IT Fair. That is an IT & Business event that allows  ICT professionals, entrepreneurs and other interested people to learn about the latest products … Continue reading

Development of bubble sort algorithm on Unreal Engine Blueprint

Recently, our company resumed the Technical Meetings or “TechMeetings”, as we call them, where our developers share their experience on some topical issues they have come across, on the activities they have been involved besides work or even present their hobby projects and interests. One of the latest TechMeetings took place on June 19th, 2015 … Continue reading

How to hire an international team?

The world is interconnected but sometimes companies and individuals tend to look for people to hire in their own city, region, country or require relocation as if it was the 19th century. That is a reasonable thing to do if you are afraid of losing your intellectual property to a random dude in China. But … Continue reading