Development using Xamarin products

Xamarin and iPhone / Android / WinPhone Development At Diatom Enterprises we are working hard to strengthen our Xamarin knowledge and partnership. We have had a very positive experience working with Xamarin deploying native apps quickly and efficiently. We see Xamarin as a key technology in our cross-platform mobile strategy. Key Benefits Xamarin continues updating … Continue reading

New Vlog Episode, “Team Work”, is released!

We continue to shoot our vlog about Pepper Robot’s life in the Diatom office. As we predicted, Pepper continues to meet new challenges working here as an intern and being surrounded by so many people. For instance, last time in Episode 2, Pepper had to meet all our colleagues and integrate into the working process. It was not … Continue reading

New Episode “Getting Around” of our Vlog is released!

As you might remember, we have recently started a vlog series about Robot Pepper becoming Diatom’s employee. The previous episode seemed to cause a lot of interest among our subscribers. In the first episode “Arrival” you could see how we have brought Pepper to the office, how she has met us and how she was … Continue reading

New Vlog series “Robot Intern at Diatom Enterprises”

Being deeply interested in AI and robotics we learned that no one should get cosy at the work chair. The intelligent machines are on the march and becoming so sophisticated that this is quite naive to think that they would not outperform humans one day. Which is not a problem but an opportunity in our … Continue reading

Dynamically Compile Stylesheets with Rails and Sass

One of the latest challenges that I had, was to create “Custom style sheets for each user” that user can generate to style his page. This blog post will be right about how I managed it and what “underground rocks” I faced. Basic Setup First of all, we need some basic test app before we … Continue reading

Development of bubble sort algorithm on Unreal Engine Blueprint

Recently, our company resumed the Technical Meetings or “TechMeetings”, as we call them, where our developers share their experience on some topical issues they have come across, on the activities they have been involved besides work or even present their hobby projects and interests. One of the latest TechMeetings took place on June 19th, 2015 … Continue reading

Array is one of the workhorses in Ruby

In this post, I will dive into Arrays. There are several methods we use every day, methods we use sometimes and methods we don’t know they even exist. Basics It’s a boring definition, but we all need to remember it: Array indexing starts at 0. A negative index is assumed to be relative to the … Continue reading

Playing around with a Method object

Legends say that in Ruby everything is an object. You might say: “Ha, the method can’t be an object!” And you would be wrong because there is a Method object in Ruby. Of course, I am exaggerating. It is not hidden. In fact, it is very well known and documented. We’ve used Method object in … Continue reading