Development on React.js

React is an extremely powerful library created by Facebook for front-end development. What is React? React is a JavaScript library and an extremely powerful, flexible, high-speed tool for working with dynamic UIs, especially when the UI is related to data state. At the end of March 2022, Facebook announced the release of … Continue reading

Should you migrate to React v16?

In September 2017, Facebook announced the release of React v16.0, and soon, in November 2017, React v16.2.0 has been released. So, what is new in v16, what has been changed and why should you upgrade? Let’s dive in and find out! NEW CORE ARCHITECTURE: FIBER  If we start to look at what’s new in v16, … Continue reading

Creating native apps with react native and expo

In this day and age, it would be hard for most of us to imagine living without our mobile phones and all of the applications they provide. Among other things, mobile technology helps us find information and keep in touch with our friends and family, and provides games and media to pass the time. The … Continue reading

Chat Application with Rails 5 and React

One of the recent projects I worked on was called Cliizii, which is an online marketing platform. This was a big project that contained several parts, one of which was a chat platform. Even though the dashboard platform was written using AngularJS, we decided that, for the chat part, ReactJS would be a better fit. … Continue reading

HTML5/AngularJS/ReactJS Development. Migration from the existing Flash systems

What we do Development from zero Migration to latest AngularJS versions Assessment and implementation methodology Migration from Adobe Flash to AngularJS, ReactJS Professional consultation on migration and related services Key benefits of working with us Proven methodology: we have successful case studies in developing and migrating with AngularJS/HTML5. Vast experience: 12+ years of commercial software development experience. … Continue reading