Events by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Turiba University

Diatom Enterprises has been a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (SCCL) since 2014, and the SCCL has played a large and important role in our networking and collaboration with Swedish businesses. We recently attended two big meetups organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Turiba University. 


On March 20th, our colleagues, SCCL member Darja Krizska Popova and marketing specialist Ilaha Hajiyeva, attended the workshop and discussion “Social Media’s Role in Digital Marketing” by the consultant, lecturer and social media trainer Ieva Knake.


Like other SCCL events, this meetup was well organized and informative. The event began with a seminar by Ieva Knake about the true target audiences for different kinds of businesses and the corresponding social media channels we should use or skip. Afterwards, there was a workshop. 


As our marketing specialist Ilaha Hajiyeva mentioned, “It was not only a productive workshop, but also a good opportunity to network with new people from different industries and to hear about their brands. During the workshop, we discussed the emotional, social and practical needs of our target groups and found some new ways to see what our audience expects from us. We also got some new ideas that can be implemented in Diatom Enterprises’ marketing campaigns in the future. I find it very important to participate in such events organized by the SCCL that opens new doors to the Swedish market and that is very effective for Software development companies to use Digital Marketing to share the new technologies with the world.”


Employer and Student Meetup at Turiba University 


The second event we attended in March was an employer and student meetup at Turiba University. Our marketing specialist Ilaha Hajiyeva gave a lecture there entitled “Three lessons I have learned in my career.” This event was organized for students who are looking for internships or professional opportunities in Latvia-based companies.


Ilaha described the experience: “It was a great feeling to hold a lecture at the university that I graduated from. After the event, many students from different departments asked me about job opportunities at Diatom Enterprises. I was really pleased because I think the tech industry is our today and future, and I am glad that many students want to build their careers in IT companies.”


In conclusion, it is very special to have the opportunity to meet new people and build business relationships through face-to-face communication in the digital world. We will continue to attend events, and you are always welcome to contact us in person or online to talk about your brand and projects