Bilateral cooperation with Swedish companies

Corporate values and culture play a significant role in Latvian Swedish relationships-underlined Store Manager at IKEA, Inga Sautkulyte Filipova.

Diatom Enterprises is a software development company, and since 2014 it has been a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Latvia. This experience has played an important role in the company gaining popularity in Sweden, and it has provided a lot of information about how to amplify new methodologies in collaboration processes with Swedish companies.

We are eager to build networks with Swedish companies who want to partner with Latvian software companies.

On May 16, SCCL member Darja Krizska Popova and SMM specialist Mazena Leskovica attended the SCCL annual general meeting held at IKEA Riga.

At the 23rd annual meeting, Inga Sautkulyte Filipova, Store Manager at IKEA, presented her speech on the topic “Can Business Make Everyday Life Better for Many People?” She underlined the importance of Swedish companies in Latvia, particularly how corporate values and culture play a significant role in business. She emphasized that Swedish businesses such as IKEA contribute to the economic growth of Latvia.

Inga Sautkulyte Filipova’s speech about IKEA Latvia (photo is taken from SCCL’s Facebook account)

After her speech, SCCL board members spoke about the progress that was achieved in 2018.

Partnerships with Swedish businesses

Diatom Enterprises’ membership in the SCCL gives us the opportunity to actively participate in events and share our business experience with other companies. We are always ready to offer software development services to Swedish businesses and help Swedish startups get dedicated software development teams.