Software Developer Janis Miezitis is going to speak at Front-End Conference

We are excited to announce that our full stack developer Janis Miezitis will speak at FrontCon, a Front-End conference, on June 15th, in Riga, Latvia.

Janis will speak about getting rid of runtime errors with Elm. Janis believes it is difficult and time-consuming to write error-free code with JavaScript. He says: “Even with an extensive test suite, you can never be sure that you won’t see “undefined is not a function” popping up somewhere in your production environment. This is exactly the problem that Elm solves.”


Janis promises that in his talk the developers will learn about the strict type system of Elm’s, its friendly compiler and concepts, such as “Maybe” and “function composition”, and, in general, how all this allows writing good, maintainable and error-free apps. Find more information about Janis and Software development company Diatom Enterprises here.