Since the year 2004, our company’s business has been custom software development

100% of our success is based on us improving business processes from one project to another. We learn and share all the best we have. Diatom works on projects of governmental importance together with such giants of software business as Microsoft, Oracle, but also in dynamically growing startups where the size of the team is 3-5 developers. We probably went through all possible project management methodologies ever existed on the market, from Waterfall to Agile.

If you don’t have a process – we can propose the most effective option for your business. If the processes in your company are already established – we try to adapt to that, understand the business and, if it is possible, propose our experience to improve.

Our development process depends on: if there is an IT department on your side if there are development processes established, what are deadlines, technologies, and many other factors.

Our main principles

  • You must know what terms and resources are necessary to achieve the result.
  • You and your team are involved in the decision-making process.
  • The project is only successful if you think so.

1. Proposal

  • Initial interview (our Chief Executive Manager is gathering information that will make your project successful)

2. Agreements

  • NDA: we respect your intellectual property
  • Proposal: Ballpark estimate, envision and deliverables
  • MSA and SOW – work order and let’s start!

3. Development

  • Planning of Iterations, releases
  • Acceptance discussions
  • Development
  • Hand-off
  • QA
  • Final Acceptance
  • Release / Deployment

4. Support

  • Maintenance
  • Features
Evgueny Lemasov COO at Diatom Enterprises

“We will be happy to share with you our experience and we will be double happy if you can share with us yours!”

Evgueny Lemasov
COO at DiatomEnterprises