The quality of software development services at Diatom Enterprises confirmed by ISO certification

Diatom has successfully passed the quality management standard – ISO 9001:2015 for its high-quality management principles in providing custom software development services.

We are happy to announce that Diatom Enterprises has been successfully accredited with the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 for its management principles in providing custom software development services.

We have been an ISO-certified custom software development and IT consulting company since 2016. It’s important for us to meet the world’s quality standards and exceed our customers’ expectations. We wanted to explain more about how this journey started. 

Some history and why we need ISO certification

Diatom Enterprises has provided custom software development services since 2004. Initially, we worked with small or midsized companies mostly from the United States. In general, US clients are very easygoing about starting a business. If software developers have good skills and are honest and courageous, it is not hard to start a project.

However, when we began to expand our business, our processes became more complicated. In 2013 we participated in a tender for one German company that would ensure the quality control of the infrastructure of the Frankfurt airport, one of the biggest airports in the world. ISO certification for every vendor was required. Another potential customer from the United Kingdom later requested the same level of certification. We understood that many customers who are requesting more than 15 developers on a project are asking for ISO certification.  

Our developers mostly have technical certifications (for example, Microsoft Certification). As a company, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner certified since 2007. But these projects required more than that and needed an ISO certification. This is why the company decided to pursue the ISO certification. 

Getting ISO certification was not so difficult for our software development company

Diatom began the certification procedures in 2015. To our surprise, our company had already established all the processes needed for ISO certification. Auditors were pleasantly surprised that in comparison with several other Latvian companies, Diatom Enterprises already had all those standards. All processes are reliably established: accounting procedures, time tracking, registration of new leads, and process of development of new software. We successfully passed ISO certification and continue to keep the standard in good order. 

Methodologies we use in software development

There are several types of methodologies for the vision of business activities in software development companies (e.g. CMMI, Agile, etc.). In 2004, nearly all projects used a Waterfall style. In 2008, the world of software development business changed. The Diatom team worked as a subcontractor for a California startup. We learned Agile methodology with planning poker, sprint retrospectives and many other interesting and convenient procedures. We successfully transferred this methodology to many other projects in Latvia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden.  

Two kinds of business processes 

Companies typically either want to work with us on their own business processes or want us to help them configure their software management processes. If a client already has its processes in good order, we will try to make them better and more effective. We are ready to help even if the client does not yet have configured processes. We have more than 15 years of experience working on hundreds of small and big projects for industrial leaders and small startups. 

As a IT consultancy and Software developers we have the practical expertise in the following industries:

Contact us, and we will do our best for you! 

Special thanks for ISO certification 

Special thank goes to the whole Diatom team and to all our clients! Together, we are improving our world!