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Do you plan in advance data architecture for your startup?

Correctly built architecture is the key for successful startup. It is recommended to plan the development of the architecture which will foresee growth of amount...

Dynamically Compile Stylesheets with Rails and Sass

One of the latest challenges that I had, was to create Custom stylesheets for each user that user can generate to style his page

Remove N+1 queries in your Ruby on Rails app

Ever wondered why your page loads slower than it should when you do simple data representation or iteration over a bunch of data?

A brief overview of Ruby hash

This will be a brief overview of the hash data structure, how it is implemented and how it can be manipulated in Ruby. A Hash is a data structure that organizes data...

We say "Artificial Intelligence" but we mean...

I would like to apologize at once to those who spent years of researching AI areas, such as speech recognition, or working on AI in trading systems.

Frustration Driven Development

As you can guess from the title, I am frustrated. I am frustrated by the fact that we neglect the solutions of the problems that already have been solved.

How to hire an international team?

The goal of this article is to share my personal experience with remote workers and how to avoid common pitfalls and demystify some of the assumptions that...

Possible chess knights movements using minimax algorithm

While at high school, I had been assigned to make a two person game in Artificial Intelligence studies based on chess figure - knight, where one player is human...

Array is one of the workhorses in Ruby

In this post I will dive into Arrays. There are several methods we use every day, methods we use sometimes and methods we don't know they even exist.

Playing around with a Method object

Legends say that in Ruby everything is an object. You might say: "Ha, the method can't be an object!" And you would be wrong because there is a Method object in Ruby.

Observer pattern in 3 languages - Ruby, C# and Elixir

The goal of this article is to show the differences in thinking that arise when you develop your application design using different languages and language paradigms.

ASP.NET MVC: Business Logic as a Separate Layer

ASP.NET MVC offers a great way of how to separate different application layers. This separation of concerns is convenient for developers because there is no spaghetti...

3 Things You Need to Know About Accessibility

Recently, I was asked: How do disabled people use web? I have been working as a web developer for about four years, but I have never really thought about the usability...

Using Neo4j with Ruby on Rails

What is Neo4j? Neo4j is an open-source NoSQL graph database implemented in Java and Scala. It is one of the market leading graph databases.

From Ruby to C#

In this post I wanted to share how I got convinced to use C#, what I learned to appreciate about it and what it means for me as a Rubyist.

Challenges working with health data

In recent years mobile health industry is booming. Companies like FitBit, Moves, Nike are leading this revolution. Since it is becoming a huge deal...