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Diatom Enterprises Proud to be Named on Clutch 1000

Clutch recommended Diatom Enterprises as one of the best software development and IT consulting company.

True history explaining what robot Pepper can do and what she cannot do

Artificial intelligence is invading our life. The revelation of robot Pepper potential through custom software and how it will affect the future development of the AI ind...

Front-End web developer: Freedom to Change CSS Framework

Two simple principles are: Develop code that lets browsers themselves do most of the work, do not to try over-style each text, input, button item, all of the other elemen...

ExpoKit – The best solution for developing a mobile app

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly technically complex, with features like Touch ID and Face ID. For this, Expo has created middleware between native modules and its...

Custom Accounting Software Development

The team with unique experience in development of custom accounting software and financial systems from one side and the most modern technologies from another side.

3 reasons to work with a dedicated team for your Startup project

If you are uncertain about getting a dedicated development team for your startup or midsized company, here are three benefits that may convince you.