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Custom Software Development as a Managed IT Service

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What is a Managed IT Services Model?

Managed IT service is a model in which a business completely outsources its IT processes to a different company. The IT company then operates based on the instructions and requirements that were provided by the business they are working with. With this model, the clients can completely control their involvement in the IT processes and usually significantly minimize it.

The term “managed IT services” can be used to describe a wide variety of different IT processes. For example, processes such as technical support, network and systems management and others. But custom software development is also a part of managed IT services and today we discuss how it differs from other types of software development.

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What is Different in Managed IT Service Software Development?

In classic software development, when a company wants to create their own software, they have to manage all the additional internal processes themselves. Processes like hiring staff members and developers, managing projects, software, network and systems, everything that is required for the successful delivery of the project.

With software development as a managed IT service, all of these responsibilities switch over to the company that is providing this service. In terms of collaboration, this option could be considered the most efficient, as the client can greatly reduce their workload and entrust the development process to a company of qualified professionals. The only requirement is a detailed plan on how to do things and what should come out of it, which can also be provided by a managed IT service company.

What is Included in Fully Managed IT Services?

When it comes to IT, managed services usually mean that a company providing them has everything that could be needed for any kind of IT operations. This includes staff, hardware, software and other internal resources that could be useful for the client’s needs. In the case of software development, the managed IT service provider must have developers, additional staff members, technologies and other resources that will allow the development of a project from start to finish.

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