Development Services What is ASP.NET Core? ASP.NET Core is a modern, open-source framework for building high-performance, cross-platform web applications. It is built on top of the .NET Core runtime, which is a cross-platform, open-source version of the .NET framework. This allows for easy deployment of applications on Windows, Linux and macOS, making it … Continue reading


If you are tired of the many inconveniences that are offered by C++, then you will no doubt be happy to know that there is a new programming language on the block that offers greater benefits than C++ has ever been able to offer. The program is C#. The improvements that have been made … Continue reading

Windows 8: Microsoft’s browser-based OS

Windows 8, without a doubt, is a mobile OS. It is a very shiny, hardware-accelerated, operating system — and there’s no denying the fact that a re-skinned Windows 7 desktop Explorer is just sitting there, eagerly awaiting your probing finger prod — but first and foremost it is a mobile … Continue reading


With the coming of .NET, it has become much easier to access the different collection of classes. This is unlike before when various programming languages all had different types of routines and classes that was provided for by the Microsoft Foundation classes. Something that needs to be noted here, is the fact that the … Continue reading

Development using Xamarin products

Xamarin and iPhone / Android / WinPhone Development At Diatom Enterprises we are working hard to strengthen our Xamarin knowledge and partnership. We have had a very positive experience working with Xamarin deploying native apps quickly and efficiently. We see Xamarin as a key technology in our cross-platform mobile strategy. Key Benefits Xamarin continues updating … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises – Top .NET Developers in Latvia!

Our custom software development team at Diatom Enterprises is happy to announce that we have been named as top .NET developers in Latvia. According to Clutch top 2023 list, we are one of the top .NET development companies in our country and we are pleased to gain recognition for our work. “Diatom has always been … Continue reading

Diatom Presenting a Speech at Riga Test Automation Club Meet-Up

Next Thursday, May 21st, 19.00, one of our Leading Developers and Chief Executive Managers, Artur Karbone, is going to present his speech at Riga Test Automation Club going under the title “Read Your Functional Tests as a Book (in C#)”. Read Your Functional Tests as a Book (in C#) Artur: “How to evolve integration tests … Continue reading

Observer pattern in 3 languages – Ruby, C# and Elixir

The goal of this article is to show the differences in thinking that arise when you develop your application design using different languages and language paradigms. We will have a dynamic object-oriented language (Ruby), static object-oriented language (C#) and functional actor model-based dynamic language (Elixir). I may speculate that this might be interesting to people who … Continue reading

From Ruby to C#

I started my career as Ruby developer and I have not been in C++, Java (except for some Clojure) or C# land. Here at Diatom most of the people are .NET developers and I was selling them Ruby and they were selling me C#. In this post, I wanted to share how I got convinced … Continue reading

Xamarin for developers who didn’t use C#

Eugeny Lemasov, DiatomEnterprises COO, is interviewing Sergey Efimov, Xamarin Developer at DiatomEnterprises Sergey, for 3 years already, your team has been successfully developing on Xamarin. Before that, you worked with .NET, Java, ActionScript, Objective C. To your opinion, what new things you had to face after you switched to Xamarin? You are correct, for more … Continue reading

Listen to Diatom’s partner Kent Alstad on .Net Rocks show

Kent Alstad, the partner of the Diatom Enterprises, has over 25 years of successful software development and business management experience. Kent has been a guest of .Net Rocks radio show several times since 2006. You can listen to his podcasts here or find them in show archives of .NET Rocks Application. If you are a professional in … Continue reading

Short Sale Online Marketplace

Our developing team finished first stage of development works for a Short Sale online marketplace project with a real estate agent network. The goal of the project is to attend potential Short Sale buyers to help them selling their properties. Everyone can use smart and detailed property search, view property details and bookmark property with … Continue reading

Diatom’s team finished new iPhone application for quiz lovers

Diatom Enterprises developed Trivia Club, a game for iPhone users with super fun and interesting questions from various areas of our wonderful life. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The project was developed using C#, JavaScript, SQL and such technologies as Visual Studio 2010, AJAX, MS Framework 4.0, TFS, Credit Card Processing and SMS Billing, Statistical … Continue reading

Improved analytics baseline performance measurement system

Diatom Enterprises developing experts finished their work on improvements to the Analytics Baseline Performance Measurement System. ASP.NET, Microsoft Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, Statistical Analysis and C#.NET were involved in the developing process. You can also check:

File and document storage system

Diatom Enterprises’ team started their work on file and document storage system for our client in North America. The system is a secure online file server solution that allows businesses and households to store, index, search and retrieve information items from any physical location. Such technologies as .NET, Microsoft Framework 3.5, AJAX, Web Parts, Web Services, MSMQ, Credit Card Processing and … Continue reading