The Future is Bright – Article in the Baltic Outlook Magazine

Baltic Outlook is a magazine for travellers which consists of inspiring places to visit, spectacular locations and relevant events at airBaltic. The magazine also provides readers with practical tips and novelties in the field of design, cooking, technology and fashion. The article about Diatom Enterprises was published in Baltic Outlook September and October 2022 issues … Continue reading

Tips on working from home/remotely

Have you ever thought about global things like, how the invention of electricity changed the way we live? How the invention of the internet changed the way we work, learn, recreate and etc.? 21st century brought us processes like globalization, digitalization and automation. For us, being a custom software development company, those processes are not … Continue reading

REWRITING THE CODE – article in the Norwegian Airlines Magazine

Europe is full of ambitious companies setting out to conquer their industry. Teams who start off huddled around a laptop in shared workspaces, from Helsinki to Lisbon, before scaling up to modern headquarters and hiring plenty of staff. Behind the facade, there’s always a human story. Founders have to be bold – and the path … Continue reading

Our Software development company – Year 2016 in Review

There is a good tradition to review the expiring year at the end of December. Some people do it on Facebook, some individually reflect on the passing year, some discuss it with colleagues or family members. This tradition is beneficial for companies as well as it gives a company an understanding of what has been … Continue reading