Innovative Application of Using AI in Software Development

Introducing Diatom AI web application. Smart web application for fast code analysis and Unit tests creation. Developed by Diatom Enterprises AI engineers.
Diatom AI web application Over the past year, Diatom Enterprises has been deeply engaged in exploring and practically applying artificial intelligence (AI). Our goal was not just to study AI, but to find ways in which it could enhance business processes and software development. Recognizing that business success is largely dependent on the quality and reliability of software products, we focused on improving the development process. A key initiative was the creation of an AI-based tool for writing Unit Tests and code analysis powered by ChatGPT-4, which is crucial for ensuring code quality, reducing errors, and increasing development speed.
“Time-Quality-Price Triangle: Save Your Time, Enhance Code Quality, Keep the Same Price.”
Evgueny Lemasov, Chief Operating Officer, Diatom Enterprises
The idea for this application stemmed from a real need. We often encountered situations where clients asked us to take over the development of a product from other teams, usually finding these products plagued with numerous errors and bugs. Analyzing such code is time-consuming, especially writing Unit Tests. To optimize this process, our developers with OpenAI skills implemented a web application to write Unit Tests and improve code quality in just seconds. This significantly speeds up the process of identifying code defects and allows for quicker progression to further development. Users simply need to input a code fragment into the application, which then analyzes the code, suggests optimization options, and generates the corresponding Unit Tests. In this video, we showcase a working example of the Diatom AI web application:

Diatom AI web application example of how it works

To get access to the Diatom AI web app, please contact us and we will send you a link. Currently, we are restricting user access to guarantee optimal AI performance. This application, developed by Diatom Enterprises, is a prime example of the possibilities of artificial intelligence integration into the web application development process, aimed at enhancing productivity and quality. We are proud of our experience in integrating AI, which includes utilizing models such as GPT-4, and we are ready to provide our services to enhance your product. At Diatom Enterprises, we have skills necessary to improve your current products, and also to create innovative, AI-driven applications tailored to your specific needs. If you are seeking to revolutionize your software with AI technology, whether through optimization or through new development, our team of AI skilled engineers is ready to guide you to the ideal solution.