Robot video blogger teaches programming

Pepper is introducing a new trend in the tech industry as the first robot blogger.

The Diatom Enterprises team has launched a new project with its robot intern, Pepper, to make videos about software engineering for beginner and junior developers. 

Pepper is a humanoid robot who is capable of recognizing and identifying human faces and emotions. Diatom Enterprises develops custom software for Pepper to control her speech, behaviour and features. The team is working on a new project that will turn Pepper into a video blogger so she can teach programming and give tips about how to become a professional in the software engineering industry. 

First robot blogger 

Pepper is introducing a new trend in the tech industry as the first robot blogger, proving that not only do robots learn from humans, but we can also learn from them. This video is the first post, where Pepper speaks about the “3 most important things for junior developers” and gives three important tips that each developer should follow if they want to become a professional in the IT industry.  

Make sure you follow our YouTube channel and watch future videos to find out what IT tips Pepper will share. If you have questions you would like to ask Pepper, feel free to leave your comments on YouTube, and who knows, maybe they will be answered by the first robot blogger!