Internship opportunities for TSI students at Diatom Enterprises

Diatom Enterprises and Latvian Transport and Telecommunication University (TSI) have signed a collaboration agreement wherein Diatom invites TSI students to apply for an internship with further collaboration opportunities. Collaboration agreement signed by Diatom Enterprises and TSI Diatom Enterprises is a Latvia-based custom outsourced software development company producing software for a wide variety of industries. We … Continue reading

The art of communication is the language of leaders

It is not a secret that the ability to communicate is one of the most essential skills in life. Moreover, this skill is ranked as a ‘must have’ skill for the majority of service providing companies. That is why at Diatom Enterprises one of our main strategies is to support and encourage self-development among our … Continue reading

“Prove yourself in summer” project

Summer Internship program for IT students Diatom Enterprises and Riga Technical University (RTU) collaborate on the project “Prove yourself in summer” – a possibility for IT students to participate in the summer internship program. Each year RTU Development Fund and the RTU Career Centre organize scholarship competition “Prove yourself in summer” where several students from … Continue reading