Custom Learning Management System Development

At Diatom Enterprises we provide businesses with cutting-edge technological solutions. One of our areas of proficiency is learning management system development, which comes as a part of our online education software development services. We strive to deliver top-notch educational software solutions to make knowledge, one of the most precious resources, more accessible to anyone who … Continue reading

How to Achieve Next-Gen Education? EdTech Basics and Capabilities.

Developing an EdTech app or online education software might get tough at some point. The main goal of online education software is to make the educational process more engaging and interesting, and to add more features to the process of students’ education. The online educational standards help to make the basic concept of the project, … Continue reading

What is EdTech and How Will its Trends Evolve in 2023?

EdTech industry is something that appeared pretty much out of nowhere and rapidly took over both software development and educational markets. Even though the time when E-Learning was needed the most has finally passed, some of the educational technologies have proven themselves to be just as efficient (or sometimes even more efficient) than the classic … Continue reading

Online whiteboard on ReactJS for math tutoring

The issue: how to make remote math education easier for both teacher and student? Due to the current limitations of COVID-19, the topic of how to explain the subtleties of mathematics to students during distance learning is relevant. I myself had to remote explain to my son, who is now in 7th grade, how to … Continue reading

Development of DSA Training System finished

The system offers studying the DSA Driving Standards theory online easily and fast by unique study methodology. Study methodology is based on personal statistical data of every user: while the user answers DSA test system analyzes answers, then calculates and groups theory questions in categories based on student performance. The system shows the statistic data … Continue reading

Diatom’s team starts to work for globally recognized project

Diatom Enterprises’ experts in software development started to work for a globally recognized portal which enables businesses to conduct online employee training. The project was developed using C#,  JavaScript and .NET, ASP.NET Framework 3.5 , Adobe Flex (Adobe Flash Builder 4), Visual Studio 2008, WebORB for .NET, Cross Platform Rich Client Applications (Adobe Flash Builder), Agile Software development – Rally, Atlassian tools … Continue reading