we are back to the office

Our software development team is returning from Remote to the Onsite working style.

Great news! Most of our team is returning to the work style from the office. Sure, working remotely was cool, but now we are located in a modern and one of the most prestigious business centers in Riga!

It’s been two years since we switched completely to remote work.

we are back to the office

In contrast to the rest of the world, remote work mode within software development teams in Europe was not very popular. However, due to the seriousness of the situation in Europe, we were forced to take certain measures.

With the start of the pandemic, we have promptly created a safe and comfortable environment for all the employees. To perform high-quality remote software development services, we have provided equipment, organized planning of meetings, reports, and management. This allowed to work efficiently from home, and undoubtedly, there was no way anyone could be fired or laid off. On the contrary, during these two years, our team has grown significantly.

But time is passing, and business around the world is slowly recovering and getting back on track. In addition, one of our main goals for 2022 is to attract young and promising programmers who have recently graduated from university. For these guys, one of the main conditions for their growth is the opportunity to work together with other senior employees in the office, to communicate more effectively, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Our remote working model has proven to be successful, as we have managed to transfer all of our communication processes to the remote work mode. In their spare time, our employees were taking additional courses to upgrade their skills, and we have started working with the new technologies. In addition, the number of projects increased over this time. And the main reason for this is that our company has over 18 years of experience providing remote software development services to clients in Western Europe and North America.

And finally, the entire Diatom Enterprises team is returning to the office. Now we are located in a modern and one of the most prestigious business centers in Riga! And we are happy to stay connected and work together.